This page is meant to thank our sponsors and advertising partners. As an organization with various tasks one is dependent on active sponsoring! On this page we would like to express our sincere thanks to our sponsors, promoters and donors in the name of all members and Rottweiler friends!
In order that we can work so effectively also in the future, we are pleased naturally also about still so small sponsor contributions or donations. Please also visit the websites of our sponsors.

Partner Logo MD
MD Software & Design

Founded in 2004, MD Software & Design combines know-how and experience from major international companies to create innovative IT solutions. The industry focus is on the automotive, telecommunications and financial services sectors.

MD Software & Design offers high-quality IT services at reasonable prices to small and medium-sized enterprises. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we design and develop customized solutions that can be easily integrated into existing IT landscapes. The new Gnadenhof Dachsberalm website was sponsored to a large extent by MD Software & Design. The Gnadenhof Dachsberalm website is developed and operated by MD Software & Design.
In the future MD Software & Design will continue to integrate new functions into the ADRK website. The owners of MD Software & Design, Michael Dudenko and Olga Shershneva, are not only enthusiastic Rottweiler owners but also ADRK members. Both have provided the ADRK with a modern web presence to support the ADRK e.V. in presenting the Rottweiler to the public in a more attractive way.

Partner Logo MD WorX

MD WorX designs high quality dog collars and other accessories for the dog and has incorporated decades of experience of dog trainers and dog enthusiasts into their development. Visit ours shop and benefit from exclusive discounts and offers for ADRK members. Just enter your ADRK membership number and receive a 5% discount on all your purchases.

Partner Logo Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading providers in the e-commerce sector. Since 1995, the product range has been continuously expanded and a worldwide network of logistics and customer service centres has been established. Today Amazon offers everything from books and electronic devices to tennis rackets and diamond jewelry. opened its virtual doors in 1998 and offers German-speaking customers around the world a wide selection, low prices and a fast and convenient service with personal recommendations, wedding lists and Marketplace, the sales platform for external providers.

If you are interested in a cooperation and partnership with us, as a worldwide and nationally respected association and carrier of your advertising, please contact us.
For an attractive placement of your advertisement there are many possibilities open to you. From presentation on this website to our various events.

Please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information on this subject.