Shortly before we moved from NRW to Mc-Pom there was a biting between the so far inseparable brothers Teddy and Balu.

We were shocked, overwhelmed by the situation and unknowingly reacted wrong by intervening like parents of bipeds to mediate. In short, we had messed up. What now? Neither of the two brothers had ever lived alone. We, on the other hand, prefer at least a pair-wise attitude (even today we mourn the blessed times with our pack of four). So we have the much more robustly built Balumit Ronja and now we had problems with the single Teddy.

Moni called our friends from R. i. N. again and yes, there would be a very quiet bitch available, about 18 months old. OK. It was one of the well known " bridge day weekends" in May. We had again shipped a load of material to Mc-Pom and spent the weekend there in our future home in our caravan which had already found its new home on our "apple meadow". Sunday after breakfast we had to leave. On the journey home the "little detour" near Darmstadt was on the plan, the trip went without problems and we met Enya, her name was Grazia at that time.

The treasure was really sweet and Teddy was immediately taken with her. So, Enya took over, Balu and Ronja in the fixed kennel in the rear part of the vehicle, Enya and Teddy in the middle area (those were the times with a sprinter much better) and departure towards the Lower Rhine. We arrived home after a total of 1200 KM around 21 o'clock. The next day was early shift, so 3 o'clock wake up on the schedule. Quickly feed the dogs, eat a bite yourself, a bottle of beer to come down, dogs out again and then quickly into the trap. Error, that was nothing. Sweet Enya had probably never seen stairs in her life.

I was too impatient and left it to Monika to talk to the mouse with angel's tongues first and then, because it didn't go on like that, to cover it with treats step by step. Finally the new treasure was in the house. When I came home from work the next day I was welcomed with a big grin. Enya and Teddy had a run in the garden and Enya eagerly practiced running up and down the basement stairs. There you go! After our move the kitchen/corridor/veranda became their common living area. The cave under the stairs had done it to them. The place would have been ideal for them, if Enya hadn't turned out to be a little dominatrix. Teddy had nothing to say to her and flew out of the cave more often. So it happened that another basket was placed under the kitchen table.

After Balu had died and Nena stopped eating because of her sadness we introduced Teddy and Nena to each other as a temporary solution, believing it would be only temporary. What we experienced has amazed us. Both were there and gone. This love story a'laRotti could have been perfectly filmed. We could/must never again separate the two. Well, now we had the problem that Enya found being alone stupid and stopped eating the food that was so important to her. Again, with the help of R.i.N. Elmo, a stud dog who was retired at the age of 7, we got a new partner for Enya. The two already knew each other from the time in the sanctuary. Yes, a new time began for Enya. Elmo was bursting with self-confidence.

He wasn't interested in Enya's bitching around. If she called him, because he wanted to lie down in the cave with her, he just turned around and parked backwards. Enya now had the choice to move aside or to experience that he would just sit on her if necessary. Altogether these two had a few good years until Elmo went over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 11 due to a kidney failure. Now Enya was alone again. Again she did not like to eat. When we called her to go outside to the property she got up for a moment, gave the outside door an energetic push with her snout so that she fell into the lock and lay down again. What to do? A new partner should help. In the meantime, progress had been made, there was now a PC and Internet.

So I travelled with Enya to Bad Oldesloe where the TS people there had taken in a young male who knew nothing but the dark attic where he had lived. Getting to know Enya went wrong. He wanted my mouse to have breakfast right away. Actually I wanted to go as plan B to the TH-Hanover where there was also an interesting male dog. Hardly on the motorway our director called. I was supposed to visit the TH-Hannover at Süderstraße in Hamburg. There was also a male dog. OK. In the TH HH they were sceptical, showed me the boy anyway. Diego promptly went up like a rocket in his kennel and we stood face to face.

The nurse was visibly irritated by my comment "he is sweet". Ok, explained what I had planned, asked for information about Diego and found out that he had already failed the character test once and had worn out 5 alley goers. His previous owner had handed him over there personally, because he had to go to jail for a few years. So it is unlikely that he came from the more distinguished parts of Hamburg. Now another orderly was found who dared to go out with Diego. He was a stately apparition and according to the orderly not completely without. But, Enya squeaked enthusiastically. It should be the guy. That's the guy. I wasn't allowed to take him with me because there was no UK (I didn't get the impression that they were willing to go to such a distance because of Diego) and my wife absolutely had to come here herself to confirm that she agreed with Diego. Also, Diego is a misogynist. If you think...

While I was driving home Monika called our vet office. She described the situation and asked the vet office for a control. This was done the following day. With the certificate of the vet we flew to Hamburg after a previous call. One year Diego had been managed and endured there and on this day of all days he should be castrated? Anyway, Moni and Diego harmonized and so Diego marched out of the gate 20 minutes before the anesthetic injection. Enya's world was in order again. Despite considerable heart problems, Enya turned 12 ½ years old after all and then left Diego as a widower.