Salt was the direct successor of Chico in almost every respect. For weeks he haunted the net after the orga he belonged to lost the roof over his head.

For the handover Salt arrived here and was introduced to us with a muzzle. Neither we nor any of our guests and friends who got to know Salt over the years he lived here ever understood what this outline at Salt was meant for. Salt came to our compound, muzzle and leash were taken off so that the boy could contact us. We were informed in advance that Salt was almost blind. First he cuddled with me like with an old friend, then with Moni. The lady who delivered Salt was standing next to Moni a bit insecure. Meanwhile I used the time to talk to the man who had been the driver.

While cuddling I had noticed that Salt`s fangs were cut. What the man told me about Salt was unbelievable. I played the simple guy and let him talk. Salt was blinded because he was brutally abused (which I did not doubt in view of the capped fangs. In the scene where such a thing is common there is brute force). I recalled that not long before, a call for donations for Salt had gone through the web. Only 150€ had been collected, he replied. But he had the MRI done anyway. A buddy had done it at night in a clinic without the knowledge of the boss. Now it became exciting. I know that not everyone who comes here can operate an MRI machine. And not even every doctor is capable of diagnosing the images. It should be even more flowery.

The MRI showed that Salt had a brain bleed pressing on his optic nerve. His buddy got him a pill, which he put in Salt. That tablet caused the blood clot to pass through his nose. To this day I wonder if the man thought I was completely retarded. I told the leading neurologist and the leading orthopaedic surgeon about this loss in the TiHo Hannover when I introduced Salt there. How good that both of them have known me for years, otherwise they might have got angry because they would have felt ridiculed. So they unanimously said that they are always open for new things. They asked me to get contact details for the pill manufacturer. If necessary, they would even sacrifice vacation days for further training.

The people drove off and I put salt in our car. We had taken him on as an emergency, but there was no room at our place yet. For such cases we had an agreement with the TH who, if there was a place free, took such emergencies from us into care. If a suitable adopter had been found, the respective caregiver would have been arranged from there and the nominal charge would have fallen to the TH. So I brought Salt the 120KM further.

With his cuddly nature he had wrapped the people around his paws very fast. Unfortunately he could not be cleaned. Regularly food and water bowls were tipped over and the whole thing was mixed with excrement and urine. So the little bastard caused a lot of work every day. Scarcely three months later I picked up Salt again. He had slept a lot and was very quickly knocked out. In the meantime he had been given a heart echo which was worrying.

When I picked him up I noticed that Salt was only standing on three legs and was very thin. The handing over was done by a trainee of the animal shelter who said to me in all seriousness that I had to decide myself if I wanted to take him with me. Pretty shocked about such coldness we drove home. Luckily this rivet broke off his training and we never met again.

At home, it turned out that Salt was suffering from horrible, never-ending diarrhea. Yeast had taken root in his intestines. One of his paws had a sclera injury, causing him to paralyze. After these construction sites were finished, Salt developed magnificently and became the darling of the public. However, he kept some construction sites, some of them became bigger. In the beginning he could still recognize his surroundings at least in a shadowy way. In the last half year he was completely blind. His heart deteriorated more and more and a tumour on the spleen was detected.

Surgery was no longer an option because of the risk of anaesthesia. When he was touched on his right front leg, he put his teeth in without any warning. An X-ray examination showed that this leg must have been broken once, was not treated and had grown together crookedly. He also taught us otherwise that he did not like being pushed back or held back. Then he became really irascible and reached for it without warning. Whoever followed his rules had a cuddly toy on him. We spoiled his games with the feeding bowl by feeding him in the feed kitchen like most others. His water bucket was specially secured and somehow it all worked out a bit. When it turned out that Salt would probably not have so much time left it turned out that he could move into the house.

At first it went quite well with him if he was let outside every 2 hours so he could get loose. Later, when he was prescribed high doses of drainage tablets because of his heart problems, his locks did not hold any more and male diapers were used. In the last stage he could not control his bowel movement, so the whole room was covered with sheets, if necessary several times a day, which could be changed and washed quickly. Our guests who have stayed in his room, he was always a very kind host.

Thus we had Salt, which someone had prophesied only a few weeks remaining life time, 2 ½ years with us. Just he, like Chico before him, brought joy to many people, yes, if somebody was mentally unwell, he had what it takes to be a pastor and therapist.