After Teddy's death, before Benny came to us, we had a male called Marlon for a short time.

Marlon was meant to be Teddy's successor and should therefore live with Nena in the bedroom. Marlon should be about 6 years old. He was visibly badly played with, he had no ears anymore. When he arrived he suffered from a terrible ear infection. One ear was completely closed with earwax, from the other ran stinking broth. Sure, the next possible date was fixed in the TC. To be able to examine and clean the ears deeply, a general anaesthetic was needed. So it was also possible to look at Marlon's stomach and legs in peace.

But, what was that? Marlon's stomach was covered with huge scars all over. His legs too. His ears, so the information was at the takeover, had not been cut off with a knife, but the edges were as jagged as if they had been bitten off. The TÄ was sure that she had already seen dogs from the Hamburg milieu in dog fights. Here all signs spoke for the fact that Marlon came from this scene.

Fortunately his eardrums were only scarred but otherwise intact. So we drove home with a load of medicine, the further treatment should be no problem. Marlon also let himself be cuddled but he generally attached importance to distance and seemed very sceptical to suspicious. Nena, otherwise extremely trusting, kept her distance massively when we were dealing with Marlon, but she also avoided Marlon.

In typical human thinking we assumed that she would still mourn too much for Teddy and that she would surely become so. Then a situation arose after which I had to settle Nena exceptionally. Promptly Marlon came in a hurry and wanted to jump on Nena. Luckily I was able to settle the situation. Phew, once again well gone. A few days later we wanted to start the walk. Moni led Nena and I Marlon.

Nena, probably to get a distance to Marlon, pulled like crazy when I opened the gate to the street. Moni intervened energetically and Marlon wanted to use the situation to attack Nena. With a wide open catch he wanted to bite her in the neck but I could prevent this very narrowly. We were shocked. It became clear to us why Nena behaved so strangely, she was afraid and rightly so. Rather helpless and with a large distance we ran our round. At home then war council was announced. Together with Nena it was not possible.

We did not want to give him back. A kennel did not yet exist with us at that time. What to do, and quickly? The lady who urged us to take Marlon in is not poor at all. We, on the other hand, for various reasons, were living at the poverty line and temporarily below it. So there was no choice. If Marlon was to stay we had to get a kennel. There was an offer for a reasonable used kennel for 400€.

I asked the lady to advance us the sum so that Marlon could stay. She refused with the reason that the boy had had his chance and lost. So there was no alternative, Marlon had to go back to the orga from where he came and stayed there until the end of his life.