To describe Tyson's life story means to write a sad, even shocking story that took place in the "animal protection paradise" Germany.

Tyson lived in the Palatinate with a young man. When he was about 4 years old his owner got into massive problems, apparently he had made the wrong people his opponents. After he had no contact with his father for a long time he suddenly stood with Tyson in front of his father's door and asked him to take Tyson into custody for a while because he had to disappear for a while.

So Tyson ended up in an unused, dark pigsty and it was not clear if he ever got out of there. For seven years the poor guy has been squatting in that pen. Then his father got sick and sold the place. He hadn't heard a peep from his son in all those years. The handover was pending, the property was cleared. Where to put the now 11 year old dog. We all know what it means: big, black, not drilled like inspector Rex, but old, no chance of a soon mediation. Regional animal welfare activists became active and searched for a place via social media. We were also contacted from several sides. We were fully occupied and therefore rather reserved. Tyson was probably not so interested in contacts with strangers, he did not know it.

In short, the deadline expired without any apparent solution. Once again we asked for help at an animal shelter and Tyson was lucky, there was a place available to either arrange it or wait for our final takeover. So the question of transport still remained open. After some squabbling Isabel D. burst her collar. She packed 5 or 6 dogs of her pack into her Caddy, Tyson as well and took the 800 KM under the wheels to bring Tyson to the shelter.

Nobody could have guessed that she would return with the Ridgeback male Aki in her luggage, who had moved in 3 days before and who resembled so much her late Jonny. About 6 months it was not possible to find Tyson. A place became free with us and Tyson moved to us. In the meantime there had been changes in the club and the shelter management. Tyson was very emaciated and unkempt. He could not tolerate dry food and was very picky. Blood was also seen on his excrement heap. Visit to the veterinarian, correcting missing vaccination status, chipping, all of which was not reported despite our explicit promise of costs. We were as angry as we were shocked.

We also found blood on his excrement and observed some alarming signs. At first he was sceptical, but then he thawed and with a little patience and love he would have become a great boy. At the next possible date we went to Hannover to the TiHo. There was a suspicion of intestinal cancer in the room. Tyson was just shy of people, there was no way around an anaesthetic, so he fought back. After X-rays, ultrasound and cardiac echo the shock came. Tyson had a very serious heart condition. There were tumors in his lungs, also 2 of them, just before they burst on the spleen, the liver was also affected.

This still did not clarify the intestinal bleeding, but in view of the previous diagnoses we were not willing to pay the costs for a CT of the intestinal tract, because a further diagnosis would not have improved anything. Each of the diagnoses on its own was already violent, the whole evaluation unfortunately only resulted in the decision to decide in his favour and to release him while still under anaesthesia. Whether he could have been saved if the shelter had kept him for 6 months to a TA earlier remains unclear. In any case, we have ended our cooperation.