In the course of our "dog's life" we have experienced many, sometimes unforgettable, unfortunately not always beautiful situations. Yes, we are convinced advocates of multi-dog keeping and wherever possible we try at least a pair-wise keeping. 

It should not be concealed here that despite all the enthusiasm and enthusiasm, despite the many beautiful moments, we have also paid an infinite amount of lessons. We had to learn that "human thinking" can by no means be adapted 1:1 to dogs. Sometimes well-intentioned actions of the two-legged friends instead of enthusiasm or gratitude cause rejection or horror among the four-legged friends. Many actions of the quadrupeds remain incomprehensible to us bipeds. In extreme cases, such incomprehensible actions also trigger positive effects.
In the following I will report about such an example and the bitch Bonny, which we like to call aunt Bonny.

Our then about 4-year-old male Balu, one of the two litter brothers who had come to us as TS-puppies, had been bitten together quite badly several times by our bitch Ronja, so we had to separate them. Here the "human thinking", they would make a great couple, had been absolutely wrong. Ronja lived from now on as a loner with us and seemed quite content with it. My beloved Baloo, a jack-of-all-trades, who otherwise only had silly things in his head, literally collapsed like a blow-up doll from which the air escapes. He was worryingly depressed.

Baloo had never spent a day of his life without the company of a fellow and obviously could not cope with being alone. However, he should not be expected to suffer another failure. Not an easy situation. To the then still active Orga R........r i. N.. there were good contacts. Our bitch Enya, who lived together with Baloo's brother Teddy, came from the reception station there. Moni phoned the dear people there, described the situation and asked for a suitable bitch. Well, there was probably one that seemed to be perfectly suitable.

She came from a killing in Hungary and had been in the reception centre for several years. Because she had always made peace there between the dogs like a kind of social worker, they were not so eager to give this treasure away. We had just moved from NRW here to MC-Pom. Financially it was worse than ever before, because our house in NRW could not be sold, but Baloo got worse and worse. He already didn't like food any more. Anyway, we calculated the fuel requirements, scraped together the last Euros and off we went.

On Easter Sunday, early at 4 o'clock I packed Baloo into the car and off we went. With return trip we had about 1200 kilometers ahead of us. We were warmly welcomed there and I was introduced to Bonny (she was still called Pony then). Who pays attention with the selection to beauty would have gone on disappointed. From Bonny`s eyes however an indescribable warmth flowed. We brought Bonny and Balu together and it seemed to spark between the two. In the end I trusted the advice of Hans and Dorle, they were decades ahead of us in rotting experience. That's how it happened that the two of them were together in the back of Moni's station wagon. We frowned upon boxing at the time.

Today I would be reluctant to drive off like that. After a trouble-free return home, Bonny surprised us for the first time. A quirk that she kept up until the very last moment became apparent. Bonny lay basically still like a stuffed animal during the car journey. At home she refused to get out of the car. She then lay in the car for about half an hour with the doors open, obviously enjoying herself, and thus determined the end of the journey herself.
The very next day it happened by a mistake of us that the two couples met each other. A tangle of 3 wild gurgling Rottis was formed, surrounded by a desperate Bonny who was obviously trying to bring the squabblers apart and make peace. In short, after we had intervened only one of them bled heavily. Teddy had pierced an artery in his fury with a canine tooth. It has its advantages to have an intensive care nurse as mistress.

Bonny developed magnificently in the following days. It was noticeable that she, who was otherwise so quiet, became a fury when Ronja passed the bedroom door on her way to or from her room. Amazingly, the treasure was house-trained from the start. So we were all the more surprised when we noticed that when she came in from outside, she would hurry past the bedroom to put some drops of urine in Ronja's sidewalk. We never knew if Baloo had poured his heart out to her and she sent threatening letters to Ronja by pi-mail.
When feeding the treasure showed up quite comfortably, had Balu his bowl empty she rushed hectically to his bowl and urinated a few drops in Balus bowl. It became to the sport the bowl fast enough to collect. Also otherwise Balu got the one or other Anranzer from her. It was interesting to watch how Baloo came alive at Bonny's side. He gained more and more self-confidence and after two weeks he was back to his old self.

Aunt Bonny had meanwhile discovered our chicken run. For her it was the greatest thing, when she could watch the chickens pecking, free of any aggression. We often laughed about Aunt Bonny with her egg cinema. Unfortunately it soon became apparent that Bonny's health had suffered badly over the years. Because she was docked, had arthrosis and spondylosis, she walked very stiff and cautiously. That her bladder wall had hardened and struvite stones had formed was much worse. The treasure lost control over her urine. It ran out of her just like that, which she herself was deadly unhappy about. She basically slept next to my bed and since the otherwise so patient treasure was too proud to accept a diaper, it happened not only once that I drowsily put my foot into my slipper, into a more or less stale portion of pee, because she was lying with her bottom on the slipper.

For Baloo, at any rate, she was the best therapist in the world. Unfortunately we were only allowed to have this jewel with us for 1 ½ years. We let her go because of a spleen tumor, because our former vet advised us to do so, because he had the opinion that such an old dog could not be expected to undergo such an operation. We think and act clearly different in cooperation with more qualified doctors. Balu never got over this loss. We put 17-month-old Nena by his side. Unfortunately we had the impression that he could not make friends with her any more. A little more than half a year later he followed Bonny with spleen tumor and liver metastases.