Babsy was a small, sweet mixed-breed dog that came to us from a shelter in Timisoara/ Romania. She came to us, because on the mediation photo she was deceptively similar to our very first bitch Rimo, a Rotti x Schäfi-Mix lady.

 I would have loved to have a photo of my probably not too clever expression on my face when I was handed her over at the handover point. I had arrived in expectation of a dog in Labrador size with a stable leash, appropriate collar and a K-9 harness size 3. There I stood with the half portion, which could have been well covered with the harness. She was trusting right away and gladly accepted the treats I had brought with me. So, little gas round, into the car and another good 4 hours drive to home. When we arrived after midnight Moni also smiled quite a bit and said that this is not a copy of our Rimo, at most Rimo light. The little darling was hungry from the almost 40 hour journey. She ate enthusiastically the waiting bowl empty, turned a small round over the meadow and then went willingly into her kennel. From the first moment she kept her surroundings clean and did not break anything.

On the following day we introduced her and the previously widowed Benny to each other which harmonized perfectly. In short, the third day Benny brought her into the house. Her predecessor Nena often suffered from Benny's gross motor skills. Babsy soon showed who was in charge and Benny got many a rebuke from her. More than 6 years the two have lived together. Babsy was diagnosed with two tumors in the lungs. Babsy is something like 14 plus x??? years old. We did not let her out of our sight around the clock and were happy about every day we could still spend with her. No one knew how many more there would be. This little treasure was an absolutely lovable character dog, leaving a huge gap. Who should lie on the chest of drawers in front of the window and keep an eye on the front garden? Who should help Benny with the make-up removal of the female guests? Her modest, winning manner was ingenious.