Siel came to us via an animal shelter. He had landed there after an official seizure and really didn't make it easy for the people.

His guest was his lottery winner, so to speak. It was he who, with love, patience and trust, "cracked" the guy very carefully. They became friends. Unfortunately Siel did not accept the shepherd dog of the alley cat and therefore could not move in with him. Others would have turned away from Siel, but not Jens. In search of a suitable home for Siel, he rummaged through our Facebook page and began to court for a place for his protégé in a very nice and diplomatic way. More and more often pictures or videos came from their walks, which also gave information about the progress made.

A Rottweiler, a secured one in the shelter? What was his history? A long phone call with Jens brought the sad story to light: Siel had been sold as a puppy with papers to a single 74-year-old man. As is well known, puppies only stay this small for a very short time and when they start their trial of strength with their biped they are sometimes not so sweet anymore. At this point the man arrived immediately and enforced his commands with stick strokes instead of with acquired trust and affection.

It went on like this for years. Then one day the man suffered a stroke and was taken to a clinic. Siel came to a Rottweiler experienced friend of ours for care and learned there that the two-legged friends do not all use such a stick when they want something from their dog.

Siel was altogether inconspicuous there and could have stayed there. After the owner, now clearly marked physically and walking on the walker, returned home from the clinic, he demanded the return of his dog even with the help of a lawyer. From then on, Siel was "beaten" into the commands with a cane. This only worked for a short time, finally Siel had learned that it could be done differently. So one day came what must never happen. Siel defended himself, helped his owner to a new hospital stay, was seized and declared evil.
This story should teach us dog lovers a lot.