It was on New Year's Day 2019 when we received a call for help from a lady who was urgently looking for a place for a Rottweiler x Shepherd Mix.

Alone 5 hours she nailed Monika on the phone and... came to the goal. The word Euthansie was also spoken, if he was not picked up by 03.01. 100 o'clock, the current owner wanted to go this way. So I got up at 2 o'clock in the morning on 03.01.night and went to the transmitted address in the district of Osnabrück where friends of the lady were waiting for me with Piet.

As a precaution, they had brought him to their home very early in the morning to save me a piece of distance and to make sure that the place would not suddenly be swarming with injections.

So far, so good. On the spot I learned that Piet had passed through at least 5 hands within 6 months after his arrival from Romania. OK, we sorted out the formalities and then, outside, lightning almost hit me. I was handed a funny, understandably insecure mixture of promenades. Piet's producers were 100% never neither a Rottweiler nor a German Shepherd.

He is a very sweet, modest and uncomplicated little fellow who would certainly have found his lovers if he hadn't been described so bizarrely. With a mixture of anger and disappointment I started my journey home. If Piet had been described correctly, he would have had plenty of opportunities to find a new lover.

Things are now as they are. Piet can't be blamed for the fading that was told he should grow old with dignity here. He was socialized with Falka who was not enthusiastic at first. She'd have liked a strapping fellow like Siel or Wayne. He hasn't got a walk in the park with the little bitch either, but she accepts him.