Paco came to us in October 2019. A call for help reached us about 2 weeks before.

For a Rottweiler x Doberman mix, not yet 2 years old, grown up with children, Rottweiler- bitch and cat, we were urgently looking for a terminal. How it goes, if it should go fast, there was nobody who really fit. We phoned the contact person and it turned out that there was a real need. Paco is a sugar-sweet guy who presents himself as temporarily "material intensive" when he is without supervision for a longer period of time.

Thus, he might have brought the possibly a little choleric landlord in his previous home so far that he almost beat him to death. The daughter of the house grabbed Paco without further ado and fled with him, so to speak. For almost 2 weeks she has been travelling all over Berlin with him and has stayed here and there with friends.

But now the day came near when she had to go back to her apprenticeship. The animal shelters where she had asked for help rejected the black dog in turn and so we decided to help and take Paco in. Paco is just a Paco.

Young, not educated but with a very nice character, absolutely house-trained. Apparently there is no game in the Berlin area because there is no hunting instinct to be seen.At the leash the little Zerrwischbeachachachlich shows itself correction-resistant.

Now, after he has already tried his hand at furniture design, as a civil engineering contractor (fortunately the garden here is not laid out with English lawns as in beautiful living) and as a cupboard cleaning service, I may not approve of his previous owner's actions, but I can understand his motives.And nevertheless he is a sweetie. We had dogs with a similar repertoire already more often.

If you have enough stamina and the ability to suffer, you will experience, like we do, that one day he will become a great guy, who everybody wants to have. As I said, we already know that. "You are always so lucky, where do you get these great dogs from" is a sentence we have heard many times before.