Molly came to us when she was just 3 years old after an incident with another dog.

We really did not see ourselves as the ideal place for such a young animal and normally we do not put a dog that has lived in the house into a kennel.

Well, with Molly, there was no choice. Either to join us in the kennel and stay with us for life or her killing would have been ordered.
So a sugar sweet, self-confident Rottweiler lady in the best bully stage came to us, who hardly knew education, was super nice to people and wanted to go for any kind of animal, no matter if mouse or bull.
Mollchen is almost like this until today.
She wraps people in rows around her paws and otherwise it is law, walking without a muzzle does not take place. So we hope to be able to enjoy this little beauty for many years to come.