Mara is a sweet 10 years old bitch who came to us from the shelter Vilenna near Alicante/Spain.

Her Spanish name was Siomara. The treasure had been in this shelter since 2014, because of her peculiarities not to be touched while lying down and not to be stroked on her back.

The problem was not so much the dog as the experience that no matter how thoroughly one instructs the adopter, and even points out the peculiarities in writing, one can wait for the rules of conduct to be disregarded and incidents to occur.

Then the "bad" dog is always to blame and must leave immediately. Mara has shared her kennel with Toro, a cane-corso mix, since 2015. We had room for both and we couldn't manage to separate them. So the two of them arrived at our place on 23 February 2019.

Mara is a treasure. She is cuddly, attentive and Rotti- untypically slightly hyperactive. During the summer we have trained her to stroke her back for more than a month. Until we were able to stroke the whole back without any reaction.

Towards autumn, with falling temperatures, her aversion became more apparent again. An X-ray examination brought clarity. In your spine one herniated disc is next to the next. This explains/excuses everything.

It is also a very nice experience for us that the association Carlos & Co, through which the two of them came to us, is still interested in Mara's well-being, and she even got a card for her birthday.

So we hope that Mara will be able to enjoy a few more years of happiness and cuddle with her during this time.