Luna & Lilly


In February 2016, a call for help went out across all animal welfare sites.

In Bochum, a car recycling company had filed for insolvency. Well, something like this happens from time to time. Dramatic was the event for the 4 guard dogs, who were doing their service there.
There was not a single interested party. It was a purebred Rottweiler bitch Luna (who had once been placed there by TH BO herself and now refused her admission), her daughter Lina (Rotti x DSH Mix) and from another litter Lilly and Jack. The area was cleared, one asked the responsible Vet. office for help and got the information from there that the dogs must have left the area by a deadline, otherwise they would be drafted and killed by the authorities.

The situation was dicey, especially since the dogs were kept exclusively as guard dogs, which means that they were not used to humans. During the day they were isolated from everything in a bricked dungeon without a roof over their heads and at the end of the day at 6 pm they were released by a special employee to do their job. So there was a troop for mediation, which could not be given to anybody who was inexperienced.

We decided to take over Luna because, as the oldest, she had the fewest chances of placement. So I went to Bochum to get to know Luna and travel home with her the following day. Armed with a Ring Pork sausage I arrived there. The meanwhile released supervisor of the troop continued to look after his protégés and came from home to present Luna to me.

Well, the whole troop was so corrupt when I distributed my Pork sausage to the others that we laughed that they were also suitable for higher offices. None of them was aggressive in an interesting way (I didn't have black/brown fur, but apparently I smelled like a conspecific) and everyone let me stroke them through the bars to the astonishment of the supervisor. Now he came out with his special sorrow. Lilly was his problem child. This sweet, sometimes a little clumsy mouse had been moved to a branch, because she was so attached to her mummy's rod that Luna was annoyed.

After half a year she came back as a psychic wreck. Now she clung to Luna even more. He judged the situation so that Luna was super cool and actually only her age stood in the way of a quick and happy mediation. Lilly on the other hand was so unstable that he was afraid for her. So I had a short phone call with Moni and the next day I packed both mice. To load the two mice, the entrance gate was closed and the staff was explicitly warned not to enter the outside area. A little queasy I already became. What had we finally gotten ourselves into? After the two ladies were safely stowed away in our station wagon, we had a little surprise. The person in charge of the dogs, who had come from home especially for this occasion, was so happy about the solution for Lilly that I was not sure if he would fight with tears. Also a part of the team of the car recycling came to me to wish us a good trip and a better life for the dogs.

So much for the social prejudices against some outsiders. How often do we experience that with the so-called bourgeois dog owners the dementia seems to start as soon as the dog has left the house. Our journey between Hanover and Braunschweig came to an early end with a serious defect in our car. ADAC called / waited. Diagnosis= impossible to continue/ order towing service. With my protection letter I would have had a right to a rental car. But after I told the nice road guard where the two innocent looking dogs came from and what kind of rip-off was made during the loading he saw it as the man on the spot as I did, that it would be quite reckless to reload the two fur noses into another car at the rest area.

He spent a good hour negotiating with the head office in Munich for the release for a direct transport home. I heard him arguing that a car rental company would have to be found first, which would allow the transport of these not so sociable dogs in his rental car. Even if that were to succeed, they should please arrange from Munich that the A2 would be closed in both directions after they got some nurses from TH Hannover to help. That pulled, the tow truck came and the journey continued. Finally arrived, the car was towed into the barn and the two ladies were released full of excited anticipation.

And, they were normal Rottis who made an extensive round over the area, read dozens of Pi-Mails or left their "registration" and then willingly went to their kennel. Totally unproblematic. We were amazed and relieved at the same time. Very soon it became obvious that the two of them were hungry, cuddly, but sceptical, but in no way dangerous. Monika was obviously the first Fraumit that Lilly ever had contact with. Lilly, at the beginning shy to fearful, thawed out more and more and the two of them were once again an example that it doesn't need a pedigree or title to get a wonderful dog. Luna's life in the junkyard had cost her a lot of her health. Several times, with the rainbow bridge already in sight, we were able to make the turn with her.

The cute mouse wrapped all people around her paws in no time. Everybody liked her and when the day of farewell came, an incredible number of people mourned with us. I had been warned in Bochum that they were perfect shredders and yes, they shredded some mattresses etc. For a long time we believed that Lilly, who grew up without any education, was responsible for all the destruction. One day, the two of them had moved from the kennel to the house because of Luna's health, we heard unusual noises from their room upstairs.

When Monika entered the room she thought she could not believe her eyes. Lilly maltreated a sofa cushion on the floor and Luna, who would have thought it possible, stood on the sofa bed and tore up the upholstery with fervor. Luna was so engrossed in her work that she only noticed Monika when Monika spoke to her. If she had had a display on her forehead, it would have read: "Shit, you got me. In Bochum the scrap cars were the only weather protection the dogs had. So they had also learned to open car doors independently. There will be a nice story and a video sometime in the section "aus dem Nähkästchen geplaudert". It was a moving moment when Luna's son Jack, who lives with a great young couple near Rostock, visited us. The boy had also mastered an enormous development thanks to his unshakeable belief in him.

Mama Luna was quite reserved, Lilly too. Nevertheless, Luna seemed to be happy to see her bully again and we were amazed to find out that Lilly never broke anything after Luna's death. In September 2019 we have socialized her with the newly arrived male Rico. Rico was an emergency from Berlin, almost 4 years old and a little bit handicapped. Lilly took care of him as if he was a little brother. Unfortunately Rico was so ill that we had to let him go over the rainbow on his 4th birthday. In the meantime the unfortunately only 2-year-old Paco, a ????? x????? Mix, black and brown like a Rottweiler, moved in with her. Since then there is action in the kitchen again and yes, there are massive "material losses" again. We're working on it.