It was in July 2018 when Monika received a call from a friend of an animal welfare activist who was looking for a place for a nearly 9-year-old Rottweiler bitch of a friend. It should absolutely be with us, which was also an award.

On the same day we had talked about how it would be to drive down with the number of dogs for a while to take a deep breath. Monika would certainly have agreed, if we had not expected a protest. So she answered truthfully and wisely that there was no free space and otherwise the friend should negotiate with me.

Well, the time was very unfavorable. I had just noticed a major engine failure in our car when a car was parked in front of my garage despite clear signs. But I wanted to leave right away and therefore opened the gate and ..... ... the first thing I saw was Falka. At the other end of the line hung our friend Kathrin with her partner. In general I don't greet guests with: " Oh shit ..., no, out of the question, very bad time." Well, the girls didn't let up and it was a good thing, Falka's warm eyes made me forget my huge problem with the engine for a while. The sad story of Falka's mistress, well under 30, two children, single parent and ill with a fatal disease, which is why she could not properly care for Falka, was much harder to digest than the engine damage. The three ladies got into the car with the promise to Falka that she should get the next available place with us. So this treasure, accompanied by her mistress and a tearful farewell at the beginning of December 2018 moved in with us. We got a remarkably lovely Swabian pig-headed boy to it, which we would not give away any more, no matter what happens.

She is linen-bound, like a locomotive. Someone must have given her the wrong term, but she is Falka. The treasure also had a whole list of health building sites in his luggage. Removal of spleen because of bursting tumours, tooth cleaning = removal of several rotten teeth, castration because of cysts on the ovaries, we have already mastered all that this year. There is hardly a joint in her body which does not cause her pain due to arthrosis. High doses of painkillers in constant fire are no solution. On 13.12.2019 she will receive a gold acupuncture in the hope that she will be able to live out her 10th birthday on 23.12.2019 with significantly less pain and that she will be able to lead a life with normal quality of life again in the medium term and please for a few more years. She lives here in the house upstairs with Piet as her partner.