As with all roommates, of whom we do not know the exact date of birth, the date of moving in here counts as the birthday.

So our graduate charmer Benny landed here 8 years ago after an adventurous odyssey about a killing station in France and several stopovers.

If his age is even approximately correct, he celebrated his 13th birthday in 2019. Yes, our turbo whirlwind has turned a mighty grey. His bones let him feel his age every day, which is why he is now even on the way to feed quite deliberately (and that is saying a lot). He has long since ceased to live up to his initial nickname "shredder". 8 pairs of shoes, including a pair of clogs I brought for Monika 5 minutes earlier, have fallen victim to him.

That's how you are brought up to order. The little guy also tried his hand at our softwood bed as a furniture designer. All that is long gone.

Anyway, after we had to seriously accept in January 2019 that we would lose him, we are happy every day with him twice as happy, especially since he is the senior here at the age of 8. Yes, his French charm has often been "experienced" mainly by female visitors.

If the ladies were carefully made up despite urgent warnings, the women-crazy whirlwind helped us to get a "net view" in no time. Hardly any woman was able to escape his affection, whereby she became so worn off in turbo speed that the facade suffered a little. His clearly more reserved partner Babsy was a great help for him with his make-up removal.