Our development


my name is Monika Walczak, I was born on 4 October 1962 (my date of birth shaped my life, it is World Animal Day), my training as a nurse and 17 years of professional experience, have also served me well in caring for my four-legged children.

It all started with a holiday in Carinthia with my uncle and aunt, they had a cocker spaniel called Ajax, oh forgive me Ajax, I crushed him with all my love, I was 4 years old at that time, and he endured everything. But nobody had told me that you can't be as penetrating as I was. Every year we went there on holiday and lived on a camping site in a tent. On this camping site lived a bitch named Medi, she was a poor animal, in winter she was simply left to her fate without food without everything. In summer she always got her puppies just when we were back and I once noticed (I was 5 or 6) how the puppies were beaten to death and thrown down the mountain. Screaming I first ran to the man and said that he is not allowed to kill the babies,then to my parents that we could take the babies, nobody has helped me also from the cat babies which were slain, I was not allowed to have any.

I had to watch as one a harmless snake, with a camping chair, the head squeezed and could as a child nothing make there it adults were the that did. However, I saw boys with her Fletsche on birds shot, I have me with them broken down like the Kesselflicker and was also fast verschrieen as a Schlägerin but that was so indifferent to me. The powerlessness I had against the adults was bad enough and shaped my life.

With approx. 12 years I grabbed my bicycle and drove to the 15km distant animal shelter, there I went then with Alfons a shepherd dog still knows what mix then for hours walk. As often as I could I drove to him. But I was not allowed to have him. Animals make dirt and cost money.
At the age of 15 my parents broke into their house and now a dog could come, our first Harro a DSH with long fur. ( Dear burglar I thank you so much ) Since then we always had DSH, there were a total of 5 in a row, 2x Harro, 1x Blacky and 2x Senta. My parents weren't the best dog owners but they had it better than in the shelter. When I started my training I could not keep a dog but in the nurses' home they did not notice my German ram, Klopfer was like a dog, slept with me in bed and was terribly jealous of every male visitor. When I got pregnant I had to leave the SWH and unfortunately I had to move back to my parents who insisted that I give knockers. I hope it was a good home what I found. After 3 years I bought my own apartment and had cats, Mucki from the TH, Sascha from the farmer and Rambo also from the farmer. My son should be allowed to grow up with animals.
Again a few years later I got my grumpy looking neighbour (he wrote the sentence himself). Jan raved about Rottis I about DSH so our first dog together was a wonderful mixture of both, our Rimo. Our TA convinced us, we should definitely have a look at a Rotti, who unfortunately also urgently needed a home, well what should I say Rimo agreed with Ben and so Ben moved in with us. On the day of his castration we took him over. Ben just didn't want to wake up

so Jan went to bed once and I wanted to keep watch. In the middle of the night I woke up, lay head to head with Ben and held Rimo in my arms. Where I said before, "I have to get used to you first", the skepticism was gone, Ben was my dog.


In the year 2000 was the madness with the damn LHV and I went for the first time on the street to fight for the animals, got into a fight with politicians, went to panel discussions and went to every demo within a radius of 100km. At the first demo in Düsseldorf I read puppy orphanage on a sign, I spoke to the woman and she told me that she currently has 2 Rotti brothers who are just 5-6 weeks old, the mother would have come to the TH in Cologne. Arrived at home I told Jan about it, no we can not take any more, 2 are enough and no puppies at all, we are both fully employed. Two weeks later Jan asked me if they are still there, no idea, but you can ask why. We sat down together and worked out our duty schedules, with holidays and free shifts, so that the little ones would have been max. 2-3 hours without us but with Ben and Rimo, Mucki and Sascha. We get there, called and picked up the little ones. We called them Teddy and Balu. Now if I continue writing here I have a 5000 pages book.

We had the most wonderful and great dogs in the world:

1. Rimo RIP
2. Ben RIP
3. Teddy RIP
4. Balu RIP
5. Ronja RIP
6. Enya RIP
7. Bonni RIP
8. Nena RIP
9. Elmo RIP
10. Diego RIP
11. Benny
12. Bruno RIP
13. Babsy
14. Chico RIP
15. Hugo RIP
16. Alina RIP
17. Alf RIP
18. Tyson RIP
19. Bär RIP
20. Salt RIP
21. Luna RIP
22. Lilly
23. Brando RIP
24. Hektor RIP
25. Toro RIP
26. Rico RIP
27. Paco
28. Falka
29. Piet
30. Mara
31. Wayne
32. Siel
33. Molly

Cristal and Nando were picked up again. I could write a book about each of them, but I simply don't have the time, otherwise I can't take care of my children.
Sept. 2004 we moved to Meck.-Pom. There we bought a former orchard with 8ha of land and 8000qm of farm land. And since 2013 we have the § 11 to run a graveyard for Rottweiler and since September 2019 we are a non-profit association.

My dream has come true.


Already as a small boy I cherished the desire for an own dog. Here I was also supported by my older sister.

But all the begging and begging did not help, our mother was against it and it stayed iron with me. Well, at that time we were often sad about it, from today's point of view I can understand my mother at least partly. Meanwhile I am no longer 6 but 64 years old and it has even penetrated to me that a dog means additional dirt and costs as well as additional burden. I come from extremely modest circumstances the additional costs really did not admit and my mother and animals, a chapter for itself. I was about 11 years old when it turned out that a friend of my sister was looking for a good place, or at least a care for her 2 year old Chow-Chow bitch Sasha (changed life circumstances / divorce / independent, the full repertoire we get to hear today several times a week). Sasha and I were a head and an ass away from the spot. She was even allowed to go home with us, where she adapted very well and was hardly noticed. But everything begging didn't help, I wasn't allowed to keep her and eventually she found a good place. Years later I still saw her walk with her mistress.

With the topic dog I was pretty much through when I visited about 1980 in Duisburg an oldtimer colleague in whose hall between the old cars Condor lived. Condor was a dreamlike dear, cuddly Rottweiler male. Buddy Bernhard had him with some emphasis his fall drunk owner abgeluchst as from senses alternately on Condor and the also carried along shepherd dog beaten. Thus Condor landed between the cars, the shepherd bitch at the kiosk owner where they had met and both dogs from now on did not live in paradise but certainly much better than before. Condor was the first Rottweiler I had seen until then and I was totally lost. How often I went there just to see Condor remains my secret. One thing was certain: If I ever own a dog, it should be a Rotti.

Yes, I was so naive to believe that all Rottweilers are as sweet as Condor. Well, it should take a few more years. A time, in which it was also good however, that no fur nose was dependent on me there were also occasionally. Then, now newly married to Monika, survived her 40th birthday, believed to have grown up enough in the meantime and with a contract to buy a little house in her pocket, the subject of dogs came up again, although here it is honestly said that one could have talked to Moni about the zoo. Moni had a lot of experience with shepherd dogs from the animal protection, partly also heavy caliber, to show. I had no clue about dog keeping and pleaded for a Rottweiler, Moni had experience, but was afraid of Rottweilers. A small ad brought the compromise. A 6-year-old Rottweiler x Shepherd Mongrel was looking for a new home. She went there, saw it and took the gold treasure with her. Rimo was a gift from heaven and we were overjoyed. Unfortunately Rimo soon proved to be just too dear for this world.

Almost every dog she met thought she had to bite and she didn't fight back. After a few weeks she was so maltreated by the shepherd dog of my former teacher that we preferred to see our vet. The owner of the Rottweiler himself knew of my preference and now sensed a chance. He had just been asked for help in the morning by a customer of the cat help because of a Rottibuben who urgently needed a new home because the owner had died. Unfortunately he didn't have time to have a look at the boy and so he asked us to take over. So we called the lady, made an appointment and yes, Ben became our first Rottweiler.

A giant of a guy, his health bad, psychologically a wreck with a heart/being of gold. About 4 years later two puppies, 8 weeks old litter brothers, joined us. Rimo and Ben were horrified at first, but after 10 days aunt Rimo had milk and Dad Ben gave us his big paw as an excuse every time "his" boys had done something wrong. They were as Educational assistants priceless. In 2011 Ben left his strength, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but the 17-month-old Ronja came and the Rottilawine took its course. Most of what we know about dog training these 3 rockers taught us. Many Rottweiler of most different characters from the animal protection should still follow them.

The Rottweiler grace farm Dachsbergalm


In the year 1996 we took in our 1st Rottweiler with us, an approx. 4 years old wonderful male.

Ben is the ancestor of this project. It has always been my dream to give unwanted and unloved animals all the love and understanding they deserve. With us animals should find a home, which nobody would like to have or which are in acute danger of life. In the year 2000 Jan and I went alternately on demos against these insane racelists. I went with my dogs to kindergartens, institutions for the disabled and schools to do educational work. In the year 2003 I saw by coincidence with my sister-in-law this property in the Internet and I knew, THIS IS IT.


Jan was very unhappy and nevertheless he agreed to buy it. Jan, who had no longer to work because of the social plan of the Ruhrkohle, now squatted at the most beautiful bottom of the world and I, who was looking for loneliness, had to continue working in NRW. 10 days work 4 days off.

Unfortunately, or better said thank God, after one year the collapse came to me. Heart Op, Microemboli----EU-Rente, first on time. Since 2013 EU pension unlimited. That was the beginning for the Gnadenhof. Searched Ebay for used full protection twins and put the first one in the middle of my vegetable garden. Nah, that wasn't what I imagined. A hut with heating and also a run-out had to be found. Several kennels were bought and then constructed in brand self-made in such a way that I can live with it. Over the years, we have now 4 kennels double insulated 16m² large with about 100m² each large outlet created.

They are nicely bright, since we have equipped at least one side only with double web plates, which can be taken away in summer. 4 couples can live in the house and outside as well. So that our arthrosis plagued fur children can reach the upper floor, Jan has built an elevator with our unfortunately deceased friend and locksmith Hartmut.

Our property has 8 hectares of land directly at the house, in summer there is a herd of cattle and in winter our little ones can walk there. The forest is also directly in front of our front door, where you can go for a nice walk. We have fenced in approx. 8000m² yard property 2.20m high and divided into 3 areas, so that one can also run several dogs at the same time.

We have invested so much into the outside facility that it looks inside in and around the house unfortunately quite dilapidated. Also our fur children were never allowed to come too briefly.
Since 2013 we now have the § 11 for an animal shelter similar facility for 10 dogs. We set ourselves this limit at that time, so that we can become fair our requirements, which we have ourselves at us. We do not want to keep/administer the dogs, but to live with them.

We mainly accept Rottweilers and Rottweiler hybrids, but if a couple is urgently looking for a place and we have room, we don't look at the breed, but only at the chances or alternatives they have to find a home.

Wind of Change:


This was the name of a Scorpions megahit 30 years ago and became a symbol for the turnaround. This turning point made it possible for us to take over this farm in Meck-Pom 15 years ago, where we founded the Rottweiler-Gnadenhof-Dachsbergalm 6 years ago. Last Tuesday the wind of change blew again over the Dachsbergalm. The Rottweiler-Gnadenhof-Dachsbergalm became the Association Rottweiler-Gnadenhof-Dachsbergalm n.e.V. with recognized non-profit status.

Executive committee: Jan Walczak.

Board of directors cash desk: Monika Walczak.

In return, all connections to the association Die Gemeinsame e.V. will be broken off as soon as the last dog of the association, for which we feel responsible, has found a good home there. And because we are in the midst of change, our bank accounts are also changing. Our esteemed supporters, who are supporting us with their donations by standing order every month, we ask you to change your standing orders to the new bank account details immediately.


And please, dear friends. Remember to write the word donation on the bank transfer. If you need a donation receipt, you can get it if you write this on the bank transfer and add your full address and if possible also your e-mail address. Please understand that we always issue and send out donation receipts after the end of the fiscal year at the beginning of the following year, i.e. in January.